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But now the feature film that would have marked the only collaboration between the great Spanish surrealist and the most popular screen comedians of the era has finally come to life in the pages of a graphic novel.

But one leaped out, especially since I wanted to tell an interesting backstory as well.

Frank also found an alternate title: The Surrealist Woman. In the early s, a New York theatre collective put together a speculative show inspired by the abortive project, but no one had details of the actual screenplay, thought to have been found later in draft form in The only two they had were Holland sex web chat Portuguese.

At last, pages in, Frank spotted the word Marx and so had those pages translated.

Armed with 60 pages from France, Frank began working, while knowing that without the support of the Dali Foundation and the Marx estate it would all be for nothing. I could see the film would have said a lot about what he was going through.

Manuela was excited because she grew up near where he was born. It was great.

Now there is even a soundtrack for the film that never was. Frank has written lyrics for the songs that might have been, and a recording will be released on 21 June.

The original film was axed by studio head Louis B Mayer in The script also disappointed Groucho Marx, who said: This month, two Marx Brothers films that do work are being screened: Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Comedy films Weeek features. Reuse this content.

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